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Honki´s Realtek Firmware

This Firmware is build from several Devices with VENUS Linux from REALTEK, use it for free and at your own risk!

Would be nice to hear from you in MHDWorld-Forum ;-)

Mr. Honki


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Petition "Public free DvdPlayer sources"
Written by Mr.Honki   
Monday, 14 February 2011 11:04

We want to free the DVDPlayer sourcecode - And you can help by signing our petition. As soon as we get a viable amount of entries we are going to contact the hardware integrators (Emtec, Muvid, Fantec, Ellion, ACRyan and so on) as well Realtek as the owner of the SDK's to set the DVDPlayers sourcecodes free. You can take at the already growing list here.

You don't know what the "DVDPlayer" is? It's the central software-component of your video box, its nerve center so to say. The TV-menu, switching between sources, webradio, configuration, accessing and controlling all of the boxes interfaces - almost everything runs through it or is at least controlled by it.

Why do we want it to be free so bad? Fixing bugs and implementing changes / extensions and even performance improvements would be much much easier if we had the players sources since its the main part of software, where everything else revolves around. Right now it is more like a black hole where you put something in and luckily get the result you expect out of it.

New support for POPP-PC devices and update Emtec Q800V1 Firmware...
Written by Mr.Honki   
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 20:11

... now support for POPP-PC MS35, MP35 and MP40R and for Q800V1 with working Internet Radio, thank´s  to EMTEC Smiley

Add support for Gigaset, Hyundai and Mede8er...
Written by Mr.Honki   
Sunday, 20 February 2011 20:47

now Gigaset HD795T, Hyundai (P500X, R3150, R3250) and Mede8er MED500X are supported, too!

IPKG-V4.10e update, support for new Devices and some bugfix...
Written by Mr.Honki   
Sunday, 30 January 2011 10:02

Now 4Geek and Woxter is supported, too! - i hope all is working...

Some other bugfix for MUVID and EMTEC (S800/Q800V2), i added new BT-Client for more stable! - please test it and give me more info about it on Bulletin Board.

EDIT: IPKG-Update V4.10e for NTP-Update on WLAN is released, too Smiley

Major-Release V4.10: now supporting EMTEC, Fantec, ACRyan, Ellion and MUVID !
Written by Mr.Honki   
Saturday, 08 January 2011 17:12

First things first: I would like to mention, that from this release on the EMTEC R100 is supported as well. This box was one of the first and the very beginning for me. I was not able to check everything due to the lack of time but everything thats not working yet will be fixed in the future. My main goal was to show what these old bricks are able to.

Since my holidays are over i am going to lower the pace on new releases a little bit again. Especially since Mrs. Honki was acting up already!

Before any Questions occour: You need to flash the firmware AND you have to update the IPKG!

I wanted to get a stable and solid base concerning the firmware and i think i got this with release 4.10. Since building and uploading the firmware takes 4 or 5 hours each time, the idea was to move as many future changes as possible into the IPKG.
For example: All the little cosmetic flaws inside the webinterface and the remote control are going to get fixed in the future and it would be very easy to deploy the changes and improvements by just updating the IPKG instead or flashing a new firmware again. Hopefully the only time another firmware will be necessary will be when a manufacturer release an updates to the firmware form their side.
Therefore i apologize for laying the priorities into developing the firmware instead of fixing all these smaller things and implementing new wishes. This will be next! Smiley

At this point i would like to personally thank Peter Vicman for his help with scripts and MIPSEL deployments as well as MrFreezer for his painstaking care of www.MHDWorld.de and the very well done reconstruction of this site. (Damn it feels strange to sing your own praise while translating the german text Smiley )

Last but not least some prospect on future releases:

TimerRec from inside the webinterface even for S800, Q800V1/V2 and compatible builds.
CD-DVD burning from inside the webinterface
Fully integrating BitTorrent into the MHDWorld design
Multi-lingual webinterface (german, french, spanish and maybe more)
Using your smartphone as a remote control
IPKG-update from inside the webinterface
DDNS-client...might become handy for support Smiley
and many other things i will stumble across in the future...

... I´ll be back! Smiley





Everything I do here is done in my spare time and without any commercial interest!